Al Barakah School understands that students may have special educational needs and/or disabilities. This means they may need additional support, tailored to their needs. We do our utmost to support students with SEND with some dedicated resources available.

We believe that students with SEND (including learning and physical difficulties, as well as emotional, social and behavioural concerns) should be able to reach their full potential. Our SEN Officer works closely with families and members of staff to make adequate provision for SEND students during their time at the school. However, please note that we may not be able to accommodate all needs or provide specialist one-to-one support. 

The more we are able to understand about your child, the better equipped we will be to help them learn and progress. If there are any concerns regarding your child’s progress, or if there is any information you can provide the school about your child’s needs, please share this with their teachers or email