Students aged 4 and upwards, from many diverse backgrounds, attend Al Barakah School.

Classes 1-10

Al Barakah is mostly a two or three form entry school. Classes 1-10 accommodate children aged 4-16 years old. Our classes are age-based, with a bit of flexibility provided for ability.

While Class 1 remains our official first class for beginners aged 4, a limited number of Reception Class places are available each September as an option for our youngest 4 year olds (born between January and August in the eligible year).

Students are generally taught together as a class or in small groups; pair work is encouraged. At Al Barakah, teachers use differentiation in lessons to accommodate pupils so that they all have the best possible opportunity for learning.

In Classes 7-10, boys and girls are accommodated in gender appropriate classrooms to facilitate learning within an Islamic environment.

Many of our students join the school in Class 1 and stay until Class 11.

Class 11

Our Class 11 caters for students aged 15-18 years old. We have a unique course for them called ‘Islam, Science and Contemporary Issues’.

In this course, students look at Science and creation from an Islamic perspective; they learn about Biology and Physics in Islam, Oceanology and other Science related topics from the Qur’an. Part of the course also discusses comparative religions and current topics which help students to become confident and aware individuals.

For more information or to attend a trial class, please email

Adult Classes

We encourage on-going learning throughout life, and are therefore very pleased to offer classes for men and women. We have the following long-running classes currently available for adults:

  • Men’s Islamic Studies Course
  • Ladies’ Tafseer Class

We also have a variety of courses from time to time, that run for a limited period or where there is a demand for a particular topic. For more information about which classes are running or to attend a trial class, please email