How can I find out where my child is on the Waiting List?

Please email for updates on your child’s Waiting List status.

How long will it take for my child to be offered a place?

We cannot guarantee the length of time it will take before your child is offered a place at Al Barakah; this varies according to the age and ability of your child, as well as the availability of places in any given class. Please email to enquire about the availability of places and for updates on your child’s Waiting List status.


Does Al Barakah have a sibling policy?

Al Barakah offers places on a first come first served basis. However, children who have a sibling registered at the school at the time of application may be given priority.


Does Al Barakah have a catchment area policy?

No, Al Barakah accepts students from all areas.

Do I have to pay the registration fee every year?

No, the Registration Fee (separate to the Waiting List Fee) is a non-refundable one-off payment that is payable upon a student being registered at the school following successful assessment.

Do I have to pay school fees for any days my child might miss?

Yes, school fees will be charged regardless of attendance as the school still incurs costs.

Is Al Barakah open during the school holidays?

No, Al Barakah operates on Saturdays during term time only.  Each term is approximately 12 weeks long.  There are three terms in a year.

Can my child just attend one lesson out of the three?

No, we require our students to attend all three lessons (Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies).

Do places become available during the academic year?

Yes places do become available during the year and are offered to students according to the waiting list.

Is parking available at the school?

Limited parking is available at the school. Priority is given to staff and then adult students who remain on-site. A drop-off service is available in the car park. If you are driving to the school then it is imperative that, collectively, we all adhere to the Traffic Guidance as per road regulations and the instructions from the Al Barakah Car Park Team.

Is there public transport available?

Public transport is very good in the area and we encourage you to use this if possible. Northwood Hills underground station (Metropolitan line) is a few minutes’ walk away from the school. Buses that service the area are as follows:

  • 282 (bus stops outside Northwood Hills underground station)
  • H13 (bus stops outside Northwood Hills underground station)
  • H11 on Pinner Road
  • The No.8 bus from Watford stops at Northwood underground station (Metropolitan line) and you can continue your journey either by bus (282 or H11) or by tube (one stop to Northwood Hills underground station).
Can I help/volunteer at the school?

A number of volunteering opportunities are available at the school. A DBS check will be required.

Do I have to register my children each academic year?

No, you only register once upon enrolment. Admission into the next academic year is automatic unless you notify us otherwise.

Can my child be moved up or down a class if they ahead or struggling?

Children can be moved, however this is based on the school assessments and teachers input.

Does Al Barakah School have other branches?

No, we have focused on the one school but share good practice and help other similar organisations improve Islamic education standards in their local communities.