Students must be at least 4 years old prior to the start of the academic year to be eligible for a place at Al Barakah.

Enrolment Procedure

Due to high demand, applications for a place at Al Barakah School often need to be made via our Waiting List system. Children who have a sibling registered at the school at the time of application may be given priority. We can offer a trial session to students who may be interested.

Please email for further information about our enrolment procedure including details about assessments, registration and the availability of spaces.

Waiting List

Prospective students can be added to Al Barakah’s Waiting List from the age of 2 years onwards. A Waiting List Form will need to be completed and a non-refundable Waiting List Fee paid, of £10 for the first child or £5 for an additional child / a child that already has a sibling who attends Al Barakah.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque (payable to ‘Al Barakah School Ltd’) or card at the school Reception or online as follows; if payment is made online, please send us an email to confirm once this has been done:

Bank Name: HSBC Bank Plc
Account Name: Al Barakah School Ltd
Account Number: 82649667
Sort Code: 40-45-24
Reference: Please use WL child’s name, date of birth as reference. E.g. Asif Khan 20/02/11 will be referenced as ‘WLAKhan20.02.11’

Our Waiting List Form can be accessed here. Once the form has been submitted and the fee received, your child will be added to our Waiting List and an email will be sent to confirm. The Admissions team will then contact you when we are able to offer your child a place insha’Allah.


School places at Al Barakah are offered on a first come first served basis and are generally conditional upon assessment. Assessors test the prospective student’s Arabic alphabet and vowel recognition and knowledge of tajweed rules against a list of what is currently being taught to students of the same age/in the same class that term; it is important that prospective students are not too far behind the syllabus as otherwise they may struggle to keep up with what is being taught in class.

If the student is unable to read at the required level or needs more practise, the Admissions team may provide a list of recommended tutors/websites/resources and requests that the school be contacted when the student is ready.

Class 1 September Enrolment

New school places become available in class 1 each September. Places are offered in systematic order, by the date on which the student was added to the Waiting List. Once an offer of a place has been accepted, a parents’ morning is arranged to give parents the opportunity to complete the necessary administrative paperwork and meet members of staff; they will also be given a talk about Al Barakah and a tour of the school.


A registration form will need to be completed once a school place has been offered and accepted, and a one-off, non-refundable registration fee of £25 is required to be paid to secure the student’s place.  


Please note that Al Barakah has a four week written Notice of Leave policy which means that, if you wish to leave, you must notify us via email four weeks in advance. If students leave without informing Al Barakah, then four weeks’ worth of fees will still need to be paid.

If a student is absent for three consecutive weeks without notice, they will automatically be removed from the school register and fees will still need to paid in respect of the four week notice period (which period shall include the three absent weeks).