Al Barakah School is extremely blessed to have a professional and hard-working team of teachers, teaching assistants, administrative and other staff.

All members of staff have relevant knowledge and experience in their respective fields, and have been carefully selected based on their subject knowledge, skills and Islamic etiquette.


Teachers are at the heart of Al Barakah School, creating a safe and welcoming environment for our students; they aim to promote, inspire and cultivate within students a love for Islam and the Qur’an. Supporting the learning, development and welfare of each student is the priority of every teacher at Al Barakah.

Teachers are encouraged to empower students to apply the knowledge they have learnt into their everyday lives and confidently share this knowledge with their close and wider community. They provide a range of student-centred activities which are appropriate to our setting; various levels of ability are catered for so that the learning needs of each student are met. Teachers work as a team with the class teaching assistants to promote effective learning in the classroom.

Appointments can be made with teachers to discuss any issues or concerns parents may have with regards to students.

Teaching Assistants

At Al Barakah School, teaching assistants work in partnership with teachers in order for students to learn effectively. Teaching assistants support teachers and help students with their learning and development. They are an important part of the dynamics of a class and are valued members of our staff.

At Al Barakah we feel that in order for students to best know, understand and use the information learnt, teachers and teaching assistants must work in partnership with the same aim.

Other Members of Staff

Our Administrative and Site Management teams play a key role in ensuring that the school runs efficiently and safely on a weekly basis.