School Policies

  1. Please do not send your child into school if they are unwell. Please see the Coronavirus Policy , for details of safety measures relating to Covid-19 symptoms.
  2. Notice of Leave Policy: Al Barakah School has a 4 week written Notice of Leave policy. If your child is absent for 3 consecutive weeks without informing us, 4 weeks’ worth of fees will still need to be paid in addition to any outstanding fees.
  3. At Al Barakah School, we take bullying and its impact very seriously. Students and parents / guardians should be assured that bullying in any form will not be tolerated, and that action will be taken to address any known incidents of bullying​.
  4. Please note that email is the school’s main method of correspondence. Please ensure that you provide us with a valid, regularly used email address and check that none of our emails are going into your junk mail folder.
  5. Lunch boxes must not include nuts or seeds (including peanut butter and Nutella) because of the life threatening risk to any other child who may have a severe allergy
  6. Please contact us by email to inform us if:
  • your child has a serious allergy, is at risk of anaphylaxis and/ or carries an epinephrine auto-injector;
  • your child is missing any books or resources;
  • your child will be absent;
  • your child is going to be picked up  by someone other than yourself;
  • any of your personal details change;
  • there are any changes to your circumstances which could affect your child’s learning or if students have any learning difficulties, special educational needs or medical issues that we need to be made aware of.


We cannot emphasise how important it is to pay the fees on time so we are able to continue the smooth running of Al Barakah School. For any other Fee queries, please email our fees department.

  1. Online – Payment can be made online directly to Al Barakah School’s bank account. Please email to inform us when you have done this, along with your child’s name and class / payment reference used.
  2. Standing Order – If you wish to set up a monthly Standing Order, please use your child’s name and date of birth as reference.Bank name: HSBC Bank Plc
    Account name: Al Barakah School Ltd
    Account number: 82649667
    Sort code: 40-45-24

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Staggered Timings: 

Staggered timings and drop-off and pick up points can be found here. 

Term Dates:

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