Our experienced Management team is responsible for the weekly operations of the school. The team is available each week at the school Reception or via appointment if parents would like to discuss any matters.

 Al Barakah’s Management Team consists of:

  • Principal
  • Head Teacher
  • Administrative Manager
  • Site Manager
  • SEN lead
  • Our Management Team also includes Team Leaders who manage and support the teaching staff across the following five key stages of the school:
  1. Classes 1 – 3
  2. Classes 4 – 6
  3. Classes 7 – 11 (Girls)
  4. Classes 7 – 11 (Boys)
  5. Adult Classes

Team Leaders at Al Barakah are responsible for leading excellence in curriculum delivery and standards of achievement for students, through overseeing teachers and teaching assistants. The Team Leaders are all professional individuals who are highly qualified, each bringing their own experiences and perspectives to the strategic development of Al Barakah School, and letting their leadership be guided by core Islamic values.