School Policies

  1. Sickness: Please do not send your child into school if they are unwell.
  2. Late Arrivals & Early Leavers: Students who arrive later than 15 minutes will have to miss the first lesson and wait for the next one (young students will have to wait with their parents / guardians). We are unable to accommodate late arrival or early leaver requests, except in very limited circumstances and with an authorised reason. Permission must be requested and granted via email in advance of the Saturday (supporting documentation may be required). Arriving late or leaving early should not be a regular occurrence as not only do students lose out on valuable learning time, but it also causes much disruption to the class.
  3. Student Absences: An absence of 3 consecutive weeks without written notice (via email) may result in your child being removed from the school register, and their place being offered to the next prospective student on our Waiting List. If your child is absent for 3 consecutive weeks without us being informed, please note that 4 weeks’ (notice period) worth of fees will still need to be paid in addition to any previously outstanding fees.
  4. Notice of Leave: Al Barakah School has a 4 weeks written Notice of Leave policy which means that, if you wish to leave the school, you must notify us via email 4 weeks in advance. If students leave without informing Al Barakah or with less than the requisite notice, please note that 4 weeks’ worth of fees will still need to be paid.
  5. Lunch: Lunch boxes must not contain nuts or seeds (including items such as peanut butter, Nutella, chocolate bars such as Kinder Bueno and Snickers, or any other food that may contain nuts, seeds or nut/seed-based spreads etc) because of the life threatening risk to any other child who may have a severe allergy.
  6. Home Support: Homework is set weekly on Google Classroom – at least one parent must join the online classroom. Parents should support students at home to reinforce and consolidate what is taught at school. For best progress, Qur’an hifdh (memorisation) and Qur’an reading / Arabic alphabet recognition and writing should ideally be practised regularly at home during the week and during holidays.
  7. Fees: For the smooth and efficient running of Al Barakah School, it is imperative that fees are paid on time. Our school rent, as well as staffing and other running costs require payments to be made on time. We also currently have a high demand of students on our Waiting List. To enable the smooth running of the school, please note the following:
    • Fees need to be paid (or monthly Direct Debit setup) by the first week of each term.
    • We understand that some of you might have some genuine financial difficulty, if this is the case then please discuss this with the Fees Team.
    • If fees are not paid on time, you may lose your child’s place at Al Barakah School, and the place will be offered to the next prospective student on our Waiting List.
  8. School Correspondence: Please note that email is the school’s main method of correspondence. Please ensure that you provide us with a valid, regularly used email address and check that none of our emails are going into your junk mail folder. Please contact us by email to inform us if:
  • your child has any allergies, in particular if they are at serious risk of anaphylaxis and/or carry an epinephrine auto-injector; please provide us with a copy of your child’s Allergy Action Plan if they have one
  • your child has any medical conditions that we need to be made aware of
  • your child has any learning difficulties or Special Educational Needs that we need to be made aware of; please provide us with a copy of your child’s Education, Health & Care Plan if they have one
  • your child is missing any books or resources
  • your child will be absent
  • your child is going to be picked up  by someone other than yourself
  • any of your personal details change
  • there are any changes to your circumstances which could affect your child’s learning or behaviour

Home-School Agreement

Al Barakah believes in setting high standards and goals. We find that best results are achieved through a partnership between parents, students and the school.

Parents / Guardians should:
  • Ensure that their child attends Al Barakah School regularly, and inform the school of any absences and/or holidays to be taken
  • Make sure their child arrives punctually
  • Make sure their child is properly equipped
  • Make the school aware of any concerns or problems that might affect their child’s work or behaviour
  • Ensure all homework is completed to the best possible standards, supporting their child at all times
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines
  • Provide a suitable snack for break time
  • Make sure that appropriately covering and modest clothing is worn
  • Inform Al Barakah of any allergies or medical conditions their child may have
  • Inform Al Barakah about any Special Educational Needs their child may have
  • Ensure that their child is aware that vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated, and action will be taken
  • Be polite to all members of staff and address them in a courteous manner
  • Act in a courteous way to the residents who live in close proximity to Al Barakah
  • Not send their child to Al Barakah if he/she is unwell
  • Pay school fees on time

Al Barakah encourages parent contributions and participation in school events. Please contact if you would like to get involved.

Students should:
  • Do their utmost to behave according to Islamic manners
  • Attend school regularly and on time
  • Bring all the equipment they need for school
  • Wear appropriately covered and modest clothing, and be tidy in appearance
  • Complete all their class work and homework on time, and as well as they can
  • Be respectful to teachers and staff at all times
  • Be polite and helpful to others, being careful not to disrupt the class or cause offence to fellow pupils
  • Keep the school free from litter and graffiti
  • Treat the building and its contents with care
  • Strive to act in a courteous manner to the residents who live in close proximity to Al Barakah, being a good example at all times
  • Not intentionally harm any persons at the school through malicious words or actions
  • Adhere to the school’s policies and guidelines
The school should:
  • Follow the government guidelines to ‘help children achieve more’, by ensuring that students meet the outcomes of (i) being healthy; (ii) staying safe; (iii) enjoying and achieving; (iv) making a positive contribution; and (v) achieving economic well-being
  • Ensure that the safety and welfare of students will always be a top priority
  • Strive to adhere to the Qur’an and Sunnah
  • Ensure safe and robust recruitment practices are followed, including obtaining references and undertaking Enhanced with Barred List(s) DBS checks, as well as regular and ongoing training for members of staff
  • Ensure that all members of staff shall follow Al Barakah School policies and guidelines and adhere to Islamic dress code
  • Continually review school policies and procedures with a view to making improvements and increasing efficiency
  • Provide a positive Islamic environment for students to study and socialise
  • Ensure that students achieve their full potential as valued members of the Al Barakah school community
  • Provide a balanced curriculum and meet the individual needs of the student
  • Aim for high standards of work and behaviour, through building good relationships with students and developing a sense of responsibility
  • Keep parents/guardians informed about general school matters and student progress
  • Prepare an Annual Report to chart student progress, as well as ensure that regular assessments take place to ensure learning and understanding of the subject matter
  • Be open and welcoming, and offer opportunities for parents/guardians and members of the community to become involved in the school
  • Be available to discuss any concerns or issues parents/guardians may have regarding the school, and make parents/guardians aware of any concerns or issues pertaining to the school or their child


At Al Barakah School, we take bullying and its impact very seriously. Students and parents / guardians should be assured that bullying in any form will not be tolerated, and that action will be taken to address any known incidents of bullying​.


The safeguarding of students is of utmost importance to Al Barakah School, and is a matter that is taken extremely seriously.

Al Barakah School understands its responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people, and all members of staff are expected to share this commitment. The school is responsible for providing a safe environment for all students, in accordance with legislation (Keeping Children Safe in Education).

Al Barakah School has a robust, up-to-date Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy which applies to all those working in the school, and which is shared with all members of staff upon joining the school. As we are responsible for the students in our care, all members of staff are provided with a safeguarding induction and training. Safe recruitment practices (including DBS checks) for staff are undertaken and the school has a Designated Safeguarding Lead.


All feedback is taken on board, and any grievances, concerns or complaints are welcome to be brought forward in a civil and constructive manner. Please email or speak to the Head Teacher if there is anything you would like to discuss​.