Al Barakah School is a prominent institute leading the way in Islamic education for children and adults, with key members of the management team having 20 years’ experience in providing Islamic education.

Our curriculum is based on the teachings of the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah (teachings of Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him), developing faith through the love and understanding of Islam. Our team have a professional approach and focus on embedding in students a lifelong love of learning. Our Teachers have relevant knowledge in the subjects they teach and are supported with regular on-site training, highly qualified Islamic and conventional educators, Teaching Assistants and Team Leaders.

Al Barakah School is situated in a contemporary setting with a warm and welcoming environment where students are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills, qualities and Islamic principles. High quality lessons are taught in bright, modern classrooms. Children attending Al Barakah vary from the age of four to adults. Our students have the benefit of three lessons comprising of Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies.

At Al Barakah we want students to be happy, considerate of others and to feel that they are valued members of society. We have a holistic approach to their Tarbiyya (personal development and spiritual growth), which lies at the heart of our school. We support and guide our students through the various stages of their lives teaching them to value themselves, others and the society at large as part of their Islamic education.

Each pupil is prepared for the future, ensuring that they gain a balanced and broad education with a range of skills that enable them to fulfil their potential and to be self-motivated. We encourage community cohesion and work alongside other organisations to achieve this. The school continues to evolve and we are always keen to invest in new ideas and resources. We are always adapting and improving to be able to meet any new challenges.