Operating Address

Al Barakah School is based in:


Car Park: Please note that there is no availability for parents / guardians to park in the car park. Parking at the school is only for staff members and members staying on-site (adult classes) only.

Anyone wishing to bring their children into the school must park in the neighbouring streets and walk in.

We would like to remind our parents / guardians of some rules:

  • Do not park close to the school entrance gates.
  • Do not┬ácause inconvenience to our neighbours in any way.
  • Do not park in a disabled bay without displaying a disabled badge
  • Do not violate any road regulations (no parking on double yellow lines, blocking driveways, double parking or parking inappropriately).
  • It is imperative that we collectively adhere to the Traffic Guidance as per Road Regulations and the instructions from our Car Park Team to build a positive relationship with the neighbourhood.

In order to ensure students are on time and to also help reduce traffic and congestion, we encourage parents / guardians to use public transport and early drop-off. We also highly encourage parents / guardians to car share so that traffic around the area is reduced as much as possible. In addition, school timings are staggered to allow for a smoother system. Together these actions will help us to ensure that we can have a safe and efficient drop-off and collection system.