Our staff fully appreciate the importance of monitoring student progress and performance.

Assessments and Reports

Regular monthly, quarterly and yearly assessments of all students are an integral part of the Al Barakah educational program. Assessments are held in the form of class tests rather than as formal examinations. Parents are kept fully informed at key assessment stages, to ensure that students are given the correct support at home to achieve positive and successful grades during their time at Al Barakah.

Annual student reports are provided for each student at the end of each academic year.

Achievements and Awards

We are extremely proud of our students’ achievements at Al Barakah School, and ensure that these are recognised throughout the year. Our teachers regularly reward and encourage effort, positive behaviour, achievement, dedication, attendance, progress improvement and good manners.

At Al Barakah’s end of year awards ceremony, students and staff alike are recognised for their long term attainment.