Charity Right Fundraising Competition – Total of £22,247.55 raised by our students and community Masha’allah!

JazakAllah Khair and Thank you to all those who supported our campaign – we are amazed and grateful that we have been able to raise a total of £22,247.55 through the school fundraising campaign ! That is an incredible effort from everyone involved and will help to feed over 45,000 school meals.

A special well done to the class winners of the fundraising campaign:

  • Class 3A raised a total of £2,454.00 and each student in the class has been awarded a ticket to Thorpe Park (alongside 1 adult)
  • Our Ladies’ Class raised a total of £4,130.25 and has been awarded a paid meal at Nawabs restaurant

All prizes will be arranged by Charity Right insha’Allah.

All fundraising efforts will be rewarded by Allah and also be appreciated by the school children. Charity Right will be sharing videos and pictures of these food donations over the coming months. May Allah accept our efforts, ameen.