Al Barakah School Update – January 2021

We pray you and your families are well and safe. Alhamdulilah we are really grateful for the many blessings at Al Barakah, the wonderful staff, dedicated students, community and the continued support. SubhanAllah 2020 was full of many challenges and tests. It has affected us all in different ways. However, we will continue to remain positive, adapt and pray the situation improves soon inshaAllah. We look forward to the next year with optimism and hope. We pray that Allah (swt) accepts any good we are able to do and keeps us all safe, ameen.

Due to the National Lockdown, we will be moving Al Barakah classes ONLINE from this Saturday 9th January 2021 insha’Allah. We look forward to seeing our students online again on Saturday – details for the online classes are set out below. We will continue to follow the government guidelines and keep you updated if there are any further changes to be implemented insha’Allah. 

The well-being of our students, staff and community remain our utmost priority and we believe it is essential for all students to continue learning and also stay in touch with their class and teachers. Al Barakah School’s aim is to continue to provide Islamic education and support for our students, and to maintain our strong and connected community ties insha’Allah. Continuing to learn at home and being able to maintain some familiarity with routine – which should vitally include their Islamic learning – will go a long way towards helping students to stay connected to the school and not fall behind insha’Allah.

  • Classes 2 to 10 to begin classes online from Saturday 9th January 2021. Meeting links will be posted on Google Classroom.
  • Classes 11 and adults to continue online lessons from this Saturday. The same meeting links as before will be used.
  • Timings – Class timings will continue at usual staggered timings
  • Class content – Classes will follow the same structure as in person; broken into three parts per subject (Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies) with the same teachers. Lessons will continue to follow the Al Barakah syllabus.
  • Class/meeting Links – Online class/meeting links will be posted on google classroom. Please do not share this with anyone!

JazakAllah Khair


Al Barakah School Term Dates 2020-2021